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Dignity & Democracy

Climate Change is a real threat to our quality of life.  We must build resilient communities to be prepared for future changes.

A healthy living environment means healthy people.  Unfortunately, our living spaces are becoming decaying and polluted due to neglect and deregulation.  We must invest our money and focus on rebuilding our cities in healthy and sustainable ways.

Protect the Dignity of All People

I will stand firm against attacks against DEI programs, trans youth, and other efforts to create safe environments for all of residents.


I will vote against any such bill that comes before the Assembly.

Passage of the Equal Rights Amendment Passage of protections against the discrimination of hair styles Passage of measures that prohibit and prosecute racial and religious profiling Protecting Women & LGBT Rights Passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and making nondiscrimination protections for trans* people explicit under federal and state law Removing barriers to obtaining government-issued identification for trans* people that aligns with their gender identity Ensuring comprehensive access to basic health care and transition-related care in benefits for trans* residents Decriminalizing border crossings Promotion of unisex and family restrooms

Make voting as easy as possible

Automatic Voter Registration
Election Day is a holiday or mail everyone a ballot and provide ample drop boxes

Automatically registering residents to vote Creation of a non-partisan redistricting process Restoration of voting rights to the incarcerated so that they can vote while in prison Counting the incarcerated as residents of their home before incarceration, not as residents of prisons Improving of responsiveness from elected and government officials Making election days local, state and federal holidays Empowering neighborhood associations with decision making authority for their neighborhoods Implementing instant runoff voting and ranked choice voting systems Ending corporate personhood and overturning Citizens United We also call for increased and major financial investments in: Establishing and expanding early voting locations Publicly funding elections Establishing participatory budgeting programs

Build new forms of democracy and accountability

Support Instant-Runoff Voting/Ranked Choice Voting

Citizen initiated legislation

Hold monthly meetings in the community and with policy advisors
Support the development of Participatory Budgeting


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